01 March, 2010

Wingers Potato Wing Snack

Here's a perfect example of something that I would never have bought if it weren't for cool packaging:  Wingers Potato Wing Snacks.  Two things caught my eye in the store:  The claim of extraordinary spiciness for this particular variety (HEAT INDEX 5, according to the banner on the label) and the unusual shape - like little trimmed Buffalo wings.

Wingers are made of puffed dehydrated potatoes.  The texture is hard to describe. Not paintchippy like Pringles.  Thicker and less "industrial" tasting than Munchos.  They remind me more of the puffy crispy mouthfeel of Asian prawn crackers.  They really do look like small replicas of Buffalo wing drumettes, thanks to a process that puts two halves together to make hollow drumette sculptures.  Sort of like Bugles but with the big end closed up.

So how does this Fiery Buffalo Bleu flavor hold up to its HEAT INDEX 5 promise?  Let's just say it's a pretty low index.  The Wingers aren't nearly as hot as one might think, but  they're not too bad.  It's certainly wing-like, with a strong cayenne pepper kick and vinegar tang - a decent simulation of Buffalo wing flavor.  And in the bacground there's a noticeable blue cheese taste.  The flavors are pretty well-balanced overall,  and even if they aren't as hot as advertised, those little hollow crunchy wing shapes are a lot of fun to eat.



Buffalo Nickel Wingers snacks - Includes a listing of stores where you can find them.


Eating The Road said...

Maybe toss in some added cayenne to the bag. I bet I would enjoy these. I wonder how they would be dipped in a little Ranch.

tree ocean said...

Hmmm now I want a big plate of greasy spicy buffalo wings with blue cheese. Last time I wanted flatburgers I had to have burgers three meals straight since we lost power and I couldn't make meatloaf in the woodstove...(trust me, I caught the hamburger pan on fire but the kids loved those flame broiled burgers! LOL)