22 March, 2010

Checking in on the Capicola

With daytime temperatures getting into the 70's over the past few days, it was definitely getting too warm in the attic to leave the capicola hanging up there.  I brought them downstairs and stacked them up on the top shelf of the spare fridge.  If the temps come down, they can go back up to the attic, but for now I'll just keep them here, restacking them every so often to make sure they continue to dry evenly.



Tony said...

hey dave left a comment under wrog post should have been under capi, not 5 guys..tony. sorry maby you could fix it up?

Dave said...

Hey, Tony, good to hear from you again! We decided to do something new this year without the slats - I won't know whether I like it or not until we unwrap 'em in a couple of weeks - still too early, the cappies are still a little "squishy" feeling. Been a tough year for attic curing, what with the warm spells and all, but so far I haven't had to throw anything away.

Anonymous said...

good good let me know how you make out. did the fridge work till the weather changed?