04 March, 2010

Capicola and Bresaola - The Meat Hanging in my Attic

Time once again to check in on the delicious meats which are aging in my attic closet.  In the background are two hot capicola - rubbed with a mixture of black pepper, smoked paprika, and powdered chipotle pepper.  In the foreground on the left is the bresaloa - a cured beef eye of round.  On the right is a sweet capicola.

The capicolas have several more weeks left to cure.  They're still soft and pliant.  I think they're curing a little faster this year because they're not strapped with wooden slats, but they still have a long way to go.

The bresaola, though, will be ready much sooner.  It's already fairly firm because the beef loses moisture faster than the pork even though they are both cased.  I'm checking it every few days now to make sure it doesn't become overdried.

Meanwhile, the weather is getting a bit milder, though the temps are still in the high thirties during the day, so I'm monitoring the temperature in the attic a little closer too,  If we get a warm spell I'll have to move the meats to the spare refrigerator until the weather cools down again.

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BarbieIQue said...

Stop Dave, you're making me hungry! They're looking delicious already and I'm patiently waiting to see the finished products.