04 November, 2009

So, How About Those Oven Gloves, Huh?

My kitchen has lots of potholders. They range from really crappy thin ones that let a lot of heat through to thick ones that protect my hands but don't really bend well with my fingers. They're handy for insulating a hot pan when I want to set it down on the table or countertop, but less than ideal for actually handling hot stuff out of the oven. And I hate oven mitts. They're clumsy and bulky and I can never get a secure grip on anything.

I'd seen infomercials for those "Ove Gloves" that are supposed to withstand heat up to 500-something degrees, but I'll be damned if I'm giving some TV huckster $19.99 for one glove. Rotten bastards are probably making $19.92 profit on every one and they're too cheap to sell them by the pair? Screw 'em.

So, when I saw a huge bin full of these Amazing Gloves (an off-brand Ove Glove knockoff) at local deep-discounter Christmas Tree Shops for just five bucks a pair, I instantly tossed a box into the cart.

They don't have patterns printed on them in silicone. They aren't extensively advertised. They claim to withstand heat up to 480 degrees F (somewhat lower than the claims for Ove Glove.) Nonetheless, I am rather surprised to find myself writing that I have finally found a product that actually lives up to its hyperbolic name, because these gloves really are amazing.

Although they feel a bit awkward and almost clumsy the first time you put them on, they soon "break in" to the shape of your hands and become very comfortable. They're dexterous enough that you can grab thin cookie sheets, bowls of French onion soup, hot pot handles, and roasting pans with equal ease. And they block heat well enough that I use them to protect my hands when I'm cooking over live fire (however, make no mistake: these gloves are heat-resistant, NOT FIREPROOF.) I hardly ever use my regular potholders anymore, and by "hardly ever" I mean "never."

And the best part? Five bucks a pair.

Even if you can't find these at a local discount place like I did, you can order them here on Amazon. You'll pay a little more, of course, but you'll still be paying a fraction of what Ove Gloves cost, and believe me they are well worth it.



Eating The Road said...

These sound good, especially for $5, that's a steal. Only thing is too be careful if you've got something in the oven on Broil. Can you feel the heat at all through them...if you hold on to something for a tad does it start to creep through?

Mr. Dave said...

I need a pair of these. I have a pseudo OCD wife who will chuck a pot holder if it shows even minimal staining. This usually leaves me with my odd assortment of kitchen towels for potholder duty. Can't tell you how many times I have carelessly used a damp one to grab something, thereby singing the crap out of my fingers.

Fred B. said...

Hey Dave the one comment on the Amazon site says they are not all that good. So do you still like them? Do they keep heat away from your hands if you are holding a VERY hot pot for a longer than usual time?? If they do will they fit a VERY large hand??

Fred B.

Dave said...

I've never had a problem with mine, no matter what I am pulling out of the oven or out from under the broiler. I use them for cast-iron skillets on the stovetop, pulling pans out from under the broiler, taking pies out of the oven, and even for picking up the wire grill from over the charcoals outside. I've never gotten any more heat leakage than from using a thick pot holder. Although they're not made of the same material as the Ove Glove, they've given me what I consider to be an excellent compromise between performance and price. Like I said in the review, one just has to keep in mind that they're heat resistant, not fire resistant.

Fred, my hands are on the smallish side. If you can palm a basketball, I don't think these'd bee very comfortable.

yamiblue990 said...

that sounds wonderful that you found some that you like. admittedly i paid the full 20 for an oveglove about 5 years ago and wish i had a second one since their so much better for handling pots and other hot items. altough i do wish they made them in a smaller size as well since i'm sure i'm not the only one with petite hands who likes their product. if they ever get sticky just toss them in the washer and they'll come out clean without any trouble.