13 November, 2009

The Best Fries in Fast Food

For years - hell, just about for ever -the idea that McDonald's has the best fries in the Fast Food business has been so entrenched that it's practically a meme. People almost use it as an excuse to go to McD's and buy their lousy hamburgers - because the fries are "the best fries EVAR."

Well, I'm calling McDonald's on that bullshit right now. McDonald's fries - thin, watery shoestrings that only taste acceptable when piping hot and thereafter taste as crappy as their third-rate burgers - are successful primarily because McDonald's has the most awesome and godly marketing department in the history of capitalism. It's simple, really: just aim most of your intensive advertising at kids. Hook 'em young and they're yours for life.

Anyway, the truly best fries in fast food right now are made by KFC. Yep, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their fries are mouth-watering wedges of spudly perfection. Lightly dressed in a seasoned coating before frying, and then fried ubercrispy outside, meltingly tender inside. We drove to Westerly, Rhode Island on Wednesday just to get Double Downs, and ordered a side of fries to go with them. The fries were just as awesome as the Double Downs (in their own taterish way, of course. It's really hard to beat spicy fried chicken, bacon, and cheese.)

Speaking of Westerly, many restaurants in town (including the tiny KFC where we enjoyed our Double Downs) participate in a "waste oil to biofuel" initiative. Their waste cooking oil is collected and turned into low-cost heating oil by a local biodiesel company, which then makes it available to low-income area residents. A damn fine plan.



Anonymous said...

Mr. dave here-

You are wrong sir! Five Guys Burgers and Fries have the fries par exellance in the fast food realm. But mayhaps they don't have a location yet in fair Conn.

Dave said...

There is a Five Guys under construction here in my home town, and so the current post will be subject to revision once I have the chance to try them out.

Eating The Road said...

I'll say a few things:
1.) KFC "fries" are darn good but I personally categorize them as potato wedges.

2.) McDonald's fries are amazing fresh from the fryer but you are correct that shortly after their quality quickly suffers.

3.) McDonald's is good for a few things (none of them their burgers), Egg McMuffin, McGriddle, Shammrock Shake & McFlurry and the single most amazing McDonald's item....$1 Chocolate Sundaes!!!!

Andrew Green said...

I'll always be a Wendy's man, myself....

Anonymous said...

Dave, is that Newport Biodiesel that collects the grease?

TomW said...

I'm not much of a french fry eater, but I do remember, from long ago, everyone considering McDonald's fries the best. Then some nutritional activists let the masses in on the cook's secret - the fries were cooked in beef fat. I had a vegetarian friend almost take the rest of the day off when he found out.

MacDonalds' response was "that's right; focus groups like the flavor". But, I'm told, they bowed to better nutrition, and the fries are now cooked in vegetable oil.

KFC potatos ARE tasty. Not that you asked for a vote, Dave, but I prefer french-fry size pieces of potatos instead of wedges when granted a preference.


Dave said...

Some replies:

ETR: I grant you (and TomW that KFC fries are actually wedges, but they're still far superior to the McD, BK, or Wendy's fries. (I'm reserving judgement on Five Guys, though.)

Also, Sausage McMuffins with Egg are my idea of the perfect breakfast sandwich.

Andrew, I used to love Wendy, but... You do know she's sleeping with that Arby guy now, right? Oh wait! I forgot you like Arby's. Never mind. =)

Sorry, Anon, the tables at the KFC had placards telling about the biodiesel program and how it had originally been organized by Westerly school students, but it didn't mention any companies. But because it's in Westerly, the home of Mason Biodiesel LLC, I would guess they're the ones doing the collection.

TomW, it would be a boring world if everyone liked the same stuff.

TomW said...

"...TomW, it would be a boring world if everyone liked the same stuff"

You're absolutely right.

I'm thankful you try the farting seeds so that I can read about it. While I can keep up you eating just about anything (do you have a possum post?), I'm not as curious about food nowadays as you. Your blog is fun to read - if you liked the same things, the blog would have little appeal.

Hope I didn't rile you.


Andrew Green said...

What a beautiful offspring Wendy and Arby could produce!

Dave said...

TomW: I'm not riled. I've never eaten possum, though. Well, not yet anyway. I'll probably get around to it sometime.

Andrew: I keep picturing a redheaded oven mitt.

cheezmaker said...

The places that do the "double fry" a few minutes at 300, then finish up at 375 seem to have the best luck.

But not all "kids" working the back room at FF places follow the procedure so incinsistency rules!


Steve said...

I second the first anonymous commenter: Five Guys' Fries are A) real thin cut fries and B) the best available.

(There are a few locations in CT, both relatively close to me in Avon and Farmington.)