19 September, 2008

Hebert Gourmet Chocolate

I recently had the opportunity to try two of Hebert Gourmet Chocolates' "Fully Loaded" varieties of chocolate confections.

Hebert, located in Shewsbury MA, has been making fine chocolates since 1917. They've always been extremely high-quality products with chocolate rivaling Lindt and other European makers in rich, silky-smooth flavor.

The two varieties we tried were Blueberry Bites and Cookies & Creme MiniBars. Both were small, individually-wrapped bite-sized versions of products that Hebert also makes in full-sized chocolate bars. Fans of Hebert chocolate will not be surprised that theses bite-sized treats are every bit as delicious as the large bars. Of course, deliciousness and convenience have their price; Hebert chocolates are a premium brand that sell for a bit more than the standard Hershey bars, and these bite-sized morsels are more expensive than their full-sized cousins.

Cookies & Creme bars are part candy, part cookie, made by adding crumbled bits of chocolate sandwich cookies and chocolate chips to a milk chocolate base. The heavenly smooth Hebert milk chocolate offers a silky textural contrast to the crunchy cookie fragments, making the candy even more delightful. These were a particular favorite of my daughter.

The Blueberry Bites were equally mouthwatering. A traditional filled-chocolate candy, each 55% dark chocolate bite encapsulates a marvelous liquid center made from real blueberries.

Did you know that Hebert Candies gives tours of their Shrewsbury facilities? If you're day tripping in Southern New England, you might want to stop in. The tours are free and you get chocolate samples as you go through. No reservations are needed unless you have 10 or more people in your group. The tour takes about 45 minutes, and you might want to budget enough time to go to the candy store while you're there.

Hebert Candies
575 Hartford Turnpike
Shrewsbury MA 01545
(508) 845-8051

Directions: Take the Mass Pike (I-90) to Exit 11 (Millbury/Worcester) Turn left onto Grafton Road for half a mile until you reach US20. Take a right onto US20. Hebert's will be a little more than three miles ahead on your right.


Michele said...

Fully Loaded Blueberry at the Dollar Tree. I kid you not! Stock up while you can. I know we are. :-)

Jude said...

Serious chocolate craving right now. The blueberry sounds amazing.