27 September, 2008

Doritos Collisions - Pizza Cravers and Ranch

Frito-Lay continues their wildly successful "Collisions" concept with yet ano6ther interesting combination: Pizza Cravers and Ranch. Just like the other Collisions, two separate flavors are mixed and packaged in one bag.

The last time I reviewed a Collisions variety, it was Hot Wing and Blue Cheese - two really good flavors that went together beautifully. That's a hard combination to beat, but Frito-Lay did come up with a combination that surprised me with how tasty it is.

Pizza Cravers is the new flavor in the bag (the Ranch is just the standard Doritos Cool Ranch chip) and it's a solid hit. Very much like the Hot Wing, in that tangy tomatoey way, but dosed with a good shot of black pepper, oregano, and other Italianish flavors with a mild but noticeable spicy kick at the finish. This flavor would be excellent all on its own.

Surprisingly enough, the Ranch and the Pizza flavors work very well together, the cool sour-milky Ranch acting as a tangy counterpoint to the spicy, tart Pizza Cravers. Doritos does it again, coming up with another tasty combo.

Frito-Lay's Dorito info website


Michele said...

I haven't had a dorito in over 5 years. :-) I saw this flavor combintation at my local 7-eleven a few days ago...so I'll go back on your recommendation to pick up a bag.

Dave said...

I've reviewed way too many Doritos flavors. I blame my 19-year-old daughter.

Chou said...

It's not that different from the white sauced pizzas that have been floating about (garlic chicken, anyone?). It must be fun to be a product developer at Frito on this project--"hey, let's make a line extension! Okay. How about just mashing our already popular flavors together to make a new one?" General celebration ensues, because they were already doing that in there spare time. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Pizza Cravers were sold on their own, about 10 years ago. I don't remember them being very popular (which is probably quite obvious, as they're no longer sold), though I absolutely loved them. I'd like to see them sold by themselves again, along with some other flavors that have recently resurfaced in the combo bags (like Zesty Salsa!).