22 July, 2008

Herr's Blossoming Onion Flavored Crisps

Now that virtually every restaurant has come out with their own version of the "blossoming onion" fried appetizer, it was only a matter of time before a snack food company released their own version. This wasn't too much of a stretch for Pennsylvania-based Herr Foods - they've had an onion ring snack in their lineup for years.

And so I present to you Herr's Blossoming Onion Flavored Crisps, a snack based on those ubiquitous fried whole onions.

Unlike traditional ring-shaped onion snacks, these crisps are petal-shaped in imitation of slices of onion. Crisp and light in texture, they have a complex flavor that nicely evokes fried onions dipped in a ranch-like dressing. There is a predominant onion flavor, but with a hint of buttermilk, herbs, and a sudden background of pleasant spiciness (not enough to be hot, but enough to build in your mouth as you eat a handful.)

I like these crisps a lot. They're lighter and crispier than Frito-Lays Funyuns, and have a sweeter, fresher onion taste that reminds me of Vidalias or Texas Sweets - probably the most delicious oniony snack I've had in a long time.

Herr's is a regional company and they don't distribute to the entire US - here's a link to their distribution map - but if you live east of the Mississippi you might find their stuff. These Blossoming Onion crisps are certainly worth looking for.

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