24 July, 2008


EveryBurger is an amazing little Japanese snack food - tiny little burgers about the diameter of a penny, made by sandwiching a milk chocolate "burger" and light-chocolate "cheese" on a sesame cookie "bun." They're astounding to look at and fun to eat, and the the combination of flavors is just right: a nearly perfect balance of creamy chocolate and crunchy cookie.

Made by Bourbon Corporation in Japan, EveryBurger can be hard to find in the US. Your best bet is to look in Asian supermarkets, in the candy/snacks aisle, but check back frequently because they sell out quickly.

At the time I wrote this blog post, the box looked like this. But the company likes to keep the packaging fresh, so they redesign the labels periodically. You may be better off looking for the name rather than the box design.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the head's-up! I will be on the lookout. I love how little they are.

Anonymous said...

Love these. They're cute and delicious looking at the same time!