14 May, 2008

Refried Mashed Potatoes

We use leftover mashed potatoes in a number of different ways - potato pancakes, Duchess potatoes, fishcakes - but this simple preparation is one of our favorites. It's quick and easy to do, and once you have it started over the burner, it really doesn't need a lot of attention while other things get cooked. All you need to do is give the pan a flip now and again until you're ready to serve.

Start with a 14-inch nonstick pan. Put it over medium heat and add 2 tablespoons of butter and some olive oil. Melt the two together until the butter is foamy.

Add two thinly-sliced scallions and two minced cloves of garlic. If the potatoes you are using are underseasoned, you can take this opportunity to add salt, pepper, and perhaps some paprika or other seasonings. Keep the pan over medium heat and sautee until the onions and garlic are softened and becoming translucent, but not browned.

Add leftover mashed potatoes to the pan. Turn the heat up to high and press the spuds down over the scallions and garlic. Allow the potatoes to brown on one side, then shake the pan a few times and flip the spuds over to brown on the other side.

Continue to periodically shake the pan and flip the potatoes for as long as you like, incorporating the lacy browned bits into the body of the mashed potatoes, until the spuds are heated all the way through and reach the degree of brownness you desire. You can turn the heat down to medium and give the pan a little attention now and again while you prepare the other components of your meal - the potatoes only get better as you brown sections and flip the pan to bring more potatoes into contact with the heat.

Part of what makes this side dish so delicious is the wonderful contrast in textures offered by the browned sections and the creamy mash.



Rachel said...

Mashed potatoes can ONLY be enhanced by adding onions and frying them. Sounds great, can't wait to try it!


Mimi Cooks said...

this is such a great recipe!!! i do this with my leftover boiled potatoes, i add a little bit of green "hot" chillis to add more kick to it...really nice the way you make it...i will try it one day soon. thanks and have a great Monday.