19 February, 2008

Ramen Review 2 - Nissin Cup Noodles Souper Meal, Chicken

Nissin Cup Noodles Souper Meal, Chicken Flavor with Vegetable Medley

Ease of Preparation: 8/10
Add water, contents of vegetable packet, and soup flavoring; cover and microwave for five minutes; stir in flavor enhancer packet; allow to stand two minutes before serving. Roomy and sturdy paper bowl required no extra support to remove from microwave.

Vegetable Packet: 8/10
Fairly standard packet with cabbage, carrot, corn, onion, mushroom, parsley, and little chunks of TVP. There was a generous amount, though, and the mushroom and onion pieces were nice and big.

Taste: 8/10
Rich and enjoyable chicken flavor broth is tasty and satisfying, though not quite as good as Lipton Cup-A-Soup (which is the gold standard for powdered chicken broths in my opinion.) This Souper Meal also includes an envelope labeled "Flavor Enhancer" which is meant to be stirred in just before serving. In the past, I've found that I don't really enjoy the soup as much with this oil packet stirred in (it tastes like slightly rancid sesame oil and I found that it didn't do much "enhancing.")

Spiciness: 0/10
This is not marketed as a spicy ramen, so no points will be deducted for this zero score.

Overall rating: 8/10 when prepared without Flavor Enhancer. Recommended.

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Anonymous said...

I just did a Google search to see if anyone had tried and reviewed this vile excuse for a meal -- needless to say, I respectfully disagree with your score. I thought the noodles tasted like cardboard and the seasoning was just dreadful.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best ramen products I've ever had. I'd go higher and give it a 9.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of these noodles in a cardboard bowl. I'm not a fan of any cheap foods. However, I did pick these up tonight having a weird craving and they were actually good. I did not microwave them. Instead, I poured hot water over them. I also added some of the hot sauce I refer to as rooster sauce (asian sauce with a rooster on it). I'm rather impressed. I'm trying to avoid considering the sodium, calorie or fat content. These are not bad noodles. I would definitely eat them again.

Razcolnicov said...

I'm eating one of these cuties right now (beef flavor) and I added ot sauce, tabasco sauce, lemon, more soy sauce and it is delicious! I like hot food and this one is a good choice if you don't want to prepare anything (I have a wok and I love it but not now) and you're too lazy to cook.

Very tasty.

DollarVanMan said...

These Souper meals rock. They're like a dollar at CVS. Best Bang for your buck. Don't listen to the haters. Just mad it's not Kobe beef, lobster or sevruga caviar.

DollarVanMan said...

These are great. They're a single dollar at CVS. Best bang for your buck. Don't listen to the haters. What do they expect for a dollar? Kobe beef? Lobster? Sevruga caviar?