29 February, 2008

Java Pop - Caramel Flavor

Java Pop Caramel Soda has a light coffee taste completely dominated by a rich and delicious butterscotch caramel flavor. Absolutely mouthwatering - although I found it to be a little too sweet for my taste, it is probably one of the most wonderful beverage flavors I have ever had.

The JavaPop Inc. website lists five flavors in their lineup; however, I've only been able to find the Caramel variety, and that has only been in local job lot stores (where it is a phenomenal bargain at just 25 cents for a 12-ounce bottle.)

Relevant link: JavaPop's site. Warning: it's all done in Flash, and you'll want to dive your mouse cursor to the bottom right hand corner of your screen, where you can turn off the obnoxious repeating music loop.

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