22 November, 2012

Happy Thankgiving!

Not too much time to write because I've got two turkeys in the smokehouse, sides to whip up, and guests coming in a couple hours. But I've got a bunch of new posts coming soon - probably starting tomorrow.  See ya soon!

Yeah, Thanksgiving dinner at HoJo's was just $2.95 in 1963.


SJBill said...


Happy Thanksgiving! Wish I could have tasted your smoked turkey. I hope to find some thighs in the next few days to brine and smoke.

Four slabs of bacon just came out of the smoker after about 10 hours of fairly cool smoking (as cold as I can get it here in CA).

Hickory chips were soaked for only 10 minutes, got them to smoke profusely using the propane burner. When the chips would sustain slow combustion, I turned the gas off. THe slabs bathed in a thin cool smoke that never rose above 80 degrees F. When the first load was exhausted, reload using a new batch.

We fried up a small sample and it's very clean and wonderful - buttery.

sbmellen said...

$2.95 in 2012 dollars is $22.30. That's not exactly a bargain at a HoJos. I'd rather spend that at a Chilis.