16 August, 2012

Review: KFC Original Recipe Bites

Seems like fast food chicken merchants just can't make enough little bite-sized things to eat.  Maybe it started with McDonald's and their Chicken McNuggets, which seems to have gone through several recipes in their long life. I don't know - but I do know that virtually everyone who sells chicken sells at least one littlebit version.

And thus we have Kentucky Fried Chicken and their Original Recipe Bites. They're pretty simple: smallish chunks of white meat coated in KFC's Original Recipe breading. Nothing fancy, and they're pretty good: moist, tender, tasty especially if you like Original Recipe, and pop-in-the-mouthable.

Because I figured everyone would want to try them, I picked up a large order of them at the local KFC, which was supposed to be a "ten-piece." I think they may fill the orders by weight or handful or something other than an actual count, though, because when I got them home there were way more than ten of them in the package. That was pretty fortunate, since everyone really liked them and they were gone in no time.


MsMurder said...

Most bite sized chicken is at least trying to be crispy though... and original recipe has always been a flaccid, limp, wimpy sad excuse for a chicken coating to me. It does taste good but I avoid it due to the texture. Were these little bites crunchy at all?

Dave said...

No, they weren't crunchy - it was strictly Original Recipe in all it's Original Flaccidness.