31 July, 2012

Review: Mug Cream Soda

Mug Root Beer is common around here, but until a recent trip to Maine, I had never seen Mug Cream Soda.  And after buying a couple of bottles to try out, I think I know why: It's not really that good.

There isn't much body to it, and little flavor other than a vaguely vanilla-like sugar sweetness with a light burnt-sugar finish. It's probably the blandest "cream soda" I've ever had. Totally not worth buying again.


Michelle said...

Totally agree 200%
I don't know why I was expecting more when I saw this and ended up dumping it after a few ultra-bland, tasteless sips.

TomW said...

I don't "get" creme soda for some reason. It's just not something that appeals to me. My 12 year-old, though, loves it.

Since I appear to be naturally difficult, maybe I need to try Mug's - it might be the creme soda for me!