27 January, 2012

Grote & Weigel Out of Business

For over 120 years, Grote & Weigel has been making sausages, hams, smoked turkeys, and hot dogs in Connecticut, under their own brand and as private label products for various companies in New England.

No longer.  The business is closed and all the Grote & Weigel product that will ever be made is out in the retail pipeline right now - when it's sold out, it's gone forever.  The building and all the meat processing equipment are to be sold at auction in February, bringing a century of Connecticut food tradition to a close.


Mike C said...

Ugh. A sad and familiar sight these days.

Our local private grocer put up the sign just two days ago and I can't help but thinking, "What will they do now?" .

If I see these in MD, I grab em and taste what might have been.

Come on, America. let's pull it together.

Mike C in Poolesville, MD

Anonymous said...

Oh noooooooooo. I love g&w sausages. This is so upsetting. :(

Morgan said...

Grote & Weigel were the only makers of low-salt, low-sugar, lactose-free franks without fillers. Even that kosher brand that claims no fillers for "a higher authority" thinks soy protein is OK. It's not just the loss of a local and small business; it's the loss of a product I can't get anywhere else.

Icecycle66 said...

I hate hearing that.

Jessi P. said...

I hate seeing another once-prosperous, high-quality local business bite the corporate dust. No wonder commercial fast food/fast casual caters to the lowest possible palate denominator: most people have never had anything but the mass produced, diluted, dumbed-down flavors that big business corps pump out.