08 January, 2012

A Great Deal at IKEA

Soft, absorbent cotton kitchen towels from IKEA, in a herringbone weave. These things are awesome - I usually have one over my shoulder when I'm cooking, ready for instant use. They launder up pretty well, too, and when they're finally too stained and beat up for me to feel OK about them in the kitchen, they go to the rag bin for "terminal duties" (mopping up dog barf, cleaning car parts - you know, stuff that leaves rags so filthy that they've just got to get thrown out.)

Best thing about these tough little moppines?  They're 79 cents apiece - cheap enough that you really don't mind making them work hard in the kitchen. Whenever we trek down to New Haven on an IKEA run, I pick up at least ten of them.


MsMurder said...

I adore these bar towels from Ikea. Every time I go I pick a few up, they are great to use with my Cuban mop. They are .33 each down here so I do not feel to bad when one eventually gets to filthy to even be used as a rag.

Anonymous said...

Agreed - these towels are awesome, I've got at least 20 of these and pick up a couple more every time I'm in the store.

Unknown said...

When I find a super-dooper sale for even the cheapest, flimsiest, made-in-China or Outer Slobovia micro-fiber-type rags I buy them for general around-the-hovel cleaning.

They allow ort, various particles, dead bugs and dust etc. to be grabbed and dispensed of.

Cleaning is easy and they dry oh so quickly; faster than cotton.

No Ikeas in this neck-of-the-woods atop the Ozark Plateau in the middle of a cultural backwater infested by a populace that generall stands tall and proud and tattoo-slathered; including face and neck, as proof of their lust fir ignorance, their wallowing in it and their pride in never having read one of them high-falutin book-things since the school marm forced then to read about Dick and Jane in second (or was it 6th) grade.