10 September, 2011

Mexican Coca-Cola

Look what I found in my local ShopRite store today:  Mexican Coca-Cola! This is very cool - previously, the only place around here where Mexican Coke is sold was Costco (cheaper than ShopRite, I will admit, but at Costco one can only buy the stuff by the case whereas at a grocery store you can buy singles.)

Anyway, there are a ton of people like me who remember what Coca-Cola is supposed to taste like, and the corn-syrup-sweetened swill they peddle to Americans these days ain't it.  Prior to the mid-1980's, The Real Thing was made with sugar.  Nowadays, the only way to get Coke with sugar is to wait until Passover and stock up on the specially made Kosher for Passover variety, or to buy Coca-Cola imported from Mexico.

But it isn't just the taste that's nostalgic about MexiCoke. The real glass bottles retain the classic Coke shape and pale-green tint, and they have to be cracked with an opener - there are no twist-tops on these babies.

If there's a store near you selling Mexican Coke, pick up a bottle and do your own taste test.  See if you can tell the difference between the two, and see which one you prefer.


Anonymous said...

Since I discovered this in my hometown in Ohio, this is all I buy and enjoy. This is the "Real Thing "

J. Astro said...

Same with Mexican Pepsi, too... which our local Walmarts have been loading up on, lately. Buck a bottle, cheaper than a twenty-ouncer of the shitty domestic stuff.

Andrew said...

Friggin' awesome!
I'll keep an eye out for this stuff at my local supermarket.

"Mexican Coke"??? -- Count me in!

Rodzilla said...

SeriousEats recently did a taste test to see if people really thought it was better.


Dave said...

I've been touting this for some time. My local Schnuks has it in individual bottles for a dollar a holler. And a good thing, too, as I refuse to do business with China-Mart.

My Sav-A-Lot across the street has cases for U$16/case. I still have a few left from the last case I bought. :-)

Kim said...

Dang, i haven't seen it anywhere!!!!! Great find!

Texzilla said...

Fortunately here in Texas we have Dublin Dr. Pepper, bottled in Dublin, Texas west of Ft. Worth, and the only bottler that never switched to HFCS.

Made with Texas produced Imperial cane sugar, this tastes unlike any Dr Pepper most folks have ever had. It is the perfect coke, as we say down here.

One has to be vigilant as other bottlers imitate. The throwback versions of Pepsi products, as well as other sugared dr peppers, are made with sugar, not cane sugar. This means you get imported beet sugar.