26 June, 2011

Ding Dong Mixed Nuts

In the US, "mixed nuts" means a mixture of peanuts, cashews, pecans, filberts, almonds, and walnuts. In the Philippines, it's something else entirely, as evidenced by Ding Dong Mixed Nuts, a totally worthy snack by JBC Food Corporation.

Ding Dong Mixed Nuts are advertised by JBC as being a "5-in-1 combo."  The mix consists of peanuts, cracker nuts (peanuts which are coated with a crunchy savory coating which resembles crackers,) corn bits (known in the US as "corn nuts,") green peas and fava beans (both of these are dried and roasted to make them light and crunchy.) While this is nothing at all like American "mixed nuts," they're still delicious in their own right as a light, crunchy, and satisfying snack.  

Roasted fava beans, BTW, look remarkably like asses.


Andrew said...

Clearly, the best thing about that product is the cool-looking elf with a mushroom on the package....

Oh, and the ass shapes.

Unknown said...

Ass shape lol
It's cornick. The faba beans is the yellow one.