11 June, 2011

Doritos Pizza Supreme

Back in 2008, I reviewed a Doritos Collision combo, Pizza Cravers and Ranch. At the time, I mentioned that the Pizza Cravers variety was particularly good and would make a decent chip flavor all on it's own.

Now, I don't know if it really took Doritos a couple of years to put pizza-flavored chips into their own unique bag. I like Doritos, but new flavors tend to catch my eye primarily when they're in the vending machine at work (and I'm not on any kind of Frito-Lay press release list or anything.) But anyway, here it is 2011 and Doritos has got Pizza Supreme chips on the shelf.

Back in 2008, I described the Cravers as tangy and tomatoey, "but dosed with a good shot of black pepper, oregano, and other Italianish flavors with a mild but noticeable spicy kick at the finish."  Pizza Supreme is similar to this, but without the heat. Tomato and cheese flavors dominate, accented by oregano (of course - it's the Snack Food World's shortcut to "pizza flavor") and some other vaguely tasted herbs. Once again, though, the overall effect is quite good, and I like them.

But I won't let myself like them too much, because Doritos has Flavor ADD and will probably be ditching them for something new in a few months.

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