02 May, 2011

Expired Yogurt

Will eating yogurt past the "expiration date" printed on the cup kill you?  I found a couple of forgotten yogurts in the back of my fridge.  Let's find out if they've retained their deliciousness.

Siggi's Skyr (Icelandic strained non-fat yogurt)
Expiration date: 17 March 2011
Date opened: 1 May 2011
Yogurt had turned a light brown color. There was little or no liquid seepage. Very thick - the yogurt mass actually cracked when it was scooped. Pronouncedly sour and spoiled flavor. I could barely choke down half a spoonful.

Breyer's Fruit-on-the-Bottom Strawberry
Expiration date: 5 March 2011
Date Opened: 1 May 2011
Some separation had occurred; a pool of clear liquid was at the top of the container but was readily stirred back into the yogurt. This was quite delicious and tasted as good as it might have before its expiration date.

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