21 May, 2011

Coronado Goat's Milk Lollipops

Goat's milk, I'm told, is an acquired taste. One of my esteemed culinary fellow travelers tells me that he can "taste the goat" with every sip. While I acknowledge that goat's milk does taste different from that of the cow, I don't find the flavor unpleasant.

And so it was that when I saw a long cellophane strip of these goat's milk lollipops at the local Price/Rite, I dropped them into my shopping cart. They were too interesting to leave behind.

And they are DELICIOUS. Beautiful smooth and creamy dulce de leche without any goatiness at all. They're totally awesome.

If you see them, buy them. You will not be disappointed.


TomW said...

"Goatiness" and "asswipery" - It looks like you've been reading Reader's Digest's 'Word Power' again.

Seriously, I enjoy the descriptive words you include in your posts.


J. Astro said...

Yeah, I generally prefer an overall lack of goatiness in pretty much ALL my food. ;)

Dave said...

TomW - Thanks!

Astro, welcome back dude, you've been missed.

J. Astro said...

Aw, thanks, brotha. I missed you guys, too. 'Specially you, man. You're like my version of The Food Network. And I mean that in the best possible way. ;)

cybele said...

I like these things too. They're a great buy, I think the bag I picked up was a buck for 15 pops.