01 November, 2010

HER Energy Drink

Lynnafred, like many students and gamers, loves energy drinks.  Monster drinks are aimed point-blank at her demographic, and even the more broadly-peddled Red Bull has its appeal for her (though what she really seeks out is Red Bull Cola - I think she might even be preparing a review of it.) 

So, when I saw four-packs of Her [brand] energy drink at Ocean State Job Lot, I grabbed one of each style - regular and "diet" - I just had to buy them.  I knew Lynnafred would get a laugh out of the packaging if nothing else (she's pretty sharp at seeing through marketing bullshit) and if the drinks were any good that would be a bonus.

The drink itself isn't spectacular, but it's not really awful either.  It's marketed as "pink lemonade," though poured out into a glass it isn't particularly pink, it's just sort of "cloudy beverage" colored.  The lemon flavor behind it all is kinda authentic, but there were some slightly skunky notes that we all thought were odd.  In other words, it just tastes pretty much like most energy drinks.

Along with more calories than a 12-ounce Coke, a slender 8½-ounce can of Her contains taurine and B-vitamins and caffeine and all the other stuff regular ol' energy drink is loaded with.

So it's just more of the same ol' same ol', but this time wrapped up in pretty babydoll colors and slender girlish cans and loads of condescending pink marketing that as much as says, Hey girls, here's an energy drink just for you so you don't have to drink that nasty ol' boys Monster, tee hee!

It reminds me of the ad campaigns for Virginia Slims cigarettes, back in the prehistoric times when tobacco companies were allowed to broadcast jingles:

You've come a long way, baby,
To get where you got to today,
You've got your own cigarette now baby,
You've come a long long way.

Yeah, baby.

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Nope. said...

Ahhh, eeeeeeew. That is a genuinely fantastic product. I love things like that, that are geared toward women. We can't handle Monster, apparently.

And Dave, pumpkin pie with pumpkin hot sauce sounds really awesome. Thanksgiving at your place!