30 November, 2010

Fishy Delights 40: Del Sol Octopus In "Marine" Sauce

You know what seafood I find just about irresistible?  Canned octopus.  There are good brands and mediocre brands, but I've never had a bad one.

Take this very inexpensive brand, Del Sol, which is produced in Spain. It's amusingly labeled in both Spanish and English:  Pulpo a la Marinera / Octopus in Marine Sauce.  Heh.

Anyway, the moist cooking-in-the-can process that pasteurizes and seals the can isobviously an excellent way to prepare octopus, because just like every other tinned octopodes I've tried, the meat is tender yet firm, somewhat al dente, and just a bit resistant to chewing (but not at all rubbery.)  The sauce was nothing special - very oily, not much of a tomato flavor (not much of any flavor, actually) but still carrying a subtle hint of spiciness that complimented the meat.  Most remarkable of all to me was how very much this octopus reminded me of lobster.  No kidding, it had about the same level of chewiness as chunks of lobster tail, and the flavor was similar as well, though not exact.  I bet if I had rinsed some of the sauce off, pounded the chunks of meat to "loosen" them up a little, and dressed the bits in mayo, they'd have made a decent Mock Lobster Roll.

Normally, tinned octopus is cut into slices before being packed.  I think that someone on the packing line dropped their knife as this can rolled by their work station.  Pretty awesome, no?


llcwine said...

yummy fishy goodness!!!!

Alan said...

I don't ever remember having canned octopus, but you're making me want to try it. Anything that can qualify as immitation lobster is worth a try.

Anonymous said...

i just started eatting the octopus after i had a gastric bypass and i love it .the amount of protein is what i needed.but i just got a good size piece of shell in it what makes me wonder how this is processed.

Anonymous said...

Recently had either some Roland or Vigo octopus in soy and olive oil and I had the same "mild (mock) lobster" taste and consistency feeling you mention. Nothing I've ever sensed in eating squid, squid rings, or even pickled octopus and squid, which is always chewier and less spongy.


Anonymous, it was not shell. :) Sometimes the beak of the octopus ends up in the end product. It is very hard. I always chew with a little caution until I am sure there is no pieces in mine. I only know this because I have bought them fresh. Good Luck enjoy!




Greek Octopus Salad

6 to 8 cans of Del Sol Brand Octopus (because its cheap)

1 Med Red Onion

1 Bottle of your favorite brand of Red Wine Vinegar.

1 bunch of fresh Oregano (dried if that's all you can get)

In a colander wash the octopus of its sauce. Put cleaned octopus in a bowl. Thinly slice the onion, cut slices in half then add them to the bowl. cover in red wine vinegar. Dice the oregano very fine then add a liberal amount to the other ingredients in the bowl. Toss contents ensuring a good blend.

Cover & Refrigerate at least 24hrs for best experience.