10 February, 2010

Case's Pork Roll

Case's Pork Roll packages have recently appeared at  the Dollar Tree in my town, and from the looks of the way they're selliing, they appear to have been pretty well-accepted.  I gave both the Tangy and the Mild varieties a try to see how they stacked up against the Taylor Pork Roll, which is the original product and one which many pork roll aficianadoes consider the "real deal."

Mild:  "Mild" is an understatement; they might have just as well called this one "bland."  Some hammy flavor, but none of the sharp qualities that distinguish good pork roll from a round slice of SPAM.  Decidedly "meh."

Tangy:  Much better than the mild, and yet it still doesn't hold up to Taylor's, thanks to a weaker cure and a less-robust porky flavor.

If you've got a jones for Jersey Breakfast and the only place near you carrying pork roll is Dollar Tree, Case's will do, I guess, in an "any-pork-in-a-storm" way.  But personally, Case will always be the imitator.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

I bought one of those from my local Dollar Tree, and have yet to gather the guts to try it....
I think I'll throw some on the old George Foreman Grill.