02 February, 2010

Al Fresco All Natural Country Style Chicken Sausage

I'm usually not a big fan of chicken sausage. They're too often dry and the seasonings are weird, and they just don't taste a lot like I expect sausage to taste.

Lynnafred, however, really enjoys chicken sausage. And when I found a great deal on a variety of Al Fresco brand chicken sausage (distributed by Kayem Foods in Chelsea MA) I bought one of each kind available and figured we'd try them out.

This particular variety are labeled as "Country Style with a hint of sage and thyme Breakfast Chicken Sausage." They've got no artificial ingredients and they're fully cooked, so they need only be gently heated before enjoying (we heated them up in a bit of simmering water in a skillet, but we could just as easily have used the microwave.)

I am somewhat surprised to say that I liked them. The flavor was spot on for breakfast sausage, and having the sage and thyme in there was a nice touch. You'll never mistake them for real pork breakfast sausage, but if you're looking for an all-natural lower-fat alternative breakfast meat, you can do a lot worse than these.


Al Fresco All Natural website. Go there for a store locator; they'll also give you a $1.00 off coupon to try out their product.

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