20 December, 2009

Vintagte Sunday: Christmas Advertising

Here's a gem of an old grocery store ad - this one is for Bireley's market in Urbana Illinois, in 1915, touting their selection of fruits and nuts for the Christmas spread. I especially like the Art Nouveau Santa Claus:

And lest you think that the commercialization of Christmas is a contemporary corruption of the holiday spirit, check out this ad, also from 1915. It originally ran the full width and three-quarters of the length of the newspaper page:

"Make your Christmas money go farther." Sounds a lot like a modern Walmart slogan, doesn't it?


1 comment:

Eating The Road said...

Those are cool..thanks for sharing.

Those pecans are pretty pricey, huh? ...but 15c for 2lbs of candy!!! I'll take 10lbs of candy over the 1lb of pecans :P