17 December, 2009

Support Your Local Butcher

See that meat there on the right? Those are short ribs of beef. They're twice the length of the squat little cuts the big supermarket chains in town sell. They're well-marbled, too, but not ultra-fatty like the supermarket ones so often are. These are beef short ribs like you might have gotten at the local butcher shop forty years ago.

That should come as no surprise though, because they are from the local butcher shop. Right up the street from me, there's a little corner store called Caronna's Market. They've been in business in Thompsonville CT for more than 90 years and the place is still owned and operated by the Caronna family who founded it generations ago.

My family tries to buy as much of our meats and deli products as possible at Caronna's. It's where I turn to for special orders (like my lamb tongues) and the only place around I can trust for ground beef pure and wholesome enough to eat raw if I ever wanted to: Caronna's doesn't buy industrial chubs of pre-processed factory-made ground beef, they grind their own right there - to order if you want - just like they have for 90 years.

Times are tough for them right now. The economy is still pretty lousy around here and my town has three big chain supermarkets plus a Costco available to price-conscious shoppers, with an Aldi coming soon. Caronna's often will compete on price, but they truly shine for quality and service. Like those gorgeous short ribs for example, or the way I can order just about anything I need from them and it will be ready for me to pick up within a couple days.

Chances are, you've got a small shop or two in your town. They know that they have to offer you a better product and better service to attract your business, and most of them are hard at work doing just that. Now, more than ever, small mom-and-pop operations need your help. In return, you're likely to get quality and service that the big boys can't hope to match.


Michael said...

hear, hear

kimnkell said...

Too bad we don't have a local butcher... All we have in this little town is a Shopwise and they don't even carry pepsi products but once in a blue moon and this is our main grocery store. I do most of my shopping at the Dollar Stores in town. We also grow our own veggies and we raise our own chicken and rabbit and hunt when we can for deer and such. I always can every chance I get too so that I don't have to accept the crappy food from our grocery store. You are very lucky to have a great butcher to shop at.