29 July, 2009

When Thick Sliced Ain't Thick Sliced

It's been hot and humid the past week, and native tomatoes are ripening on the vine. Naturally, it's time for BLTs! Oscar Mayer bacon is on sale this week at the local Stop & Shop, and it's a decent deal at $3.50 a pound. So I bought a couple packages of Hearty Thick Cut Oscar Mayer bacon - even though it didn't look all that much thicker than the regular stuff.

Turns out it really isn't any thicker than the regular stuff. It's a lot wider, though. Seriously. The strips are wide enough that only three or four will fit side-by-side in my frypan. But they're not one bit thicker than regular ol' Oscar Mayer bacon.

So they got me on a technicality. The package doesn't actually say "thick sliced." No. It's "thick cut." I guess that means that the pork belly the bacon is made from was itself cut thicker than usual, therefore yielding wider strips. Sneaky bastards. That's what I get for not paying full attention.

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