16 October, 2008

Dollar Store Nightmares: Fake Sour Cream

By now, I really shouldn't be surprised at some of the crap I find when I'm bottom-feeding at the local dollar store. But this really wins the prize: a chemical soup masquerading as "Sourcreme." (Love the label: Unreal!!! Why would anyone be proud of that?)

I really don't get it. Not even the dollar price tag can make this slop appeal to me - especially since anyone can get real sour cream at the supermarket on sale for about a dollar (and it's usually a dollar all the time at some of the discount supermarkets like Price/Rite or Sav-A-Lot.) Just about any argument anyone can make in favor of buying this can be refuted:
  • It's not cheaper - As I've already pointed out, the same quantity of real sour cream can be had at the discount supermarkets. In fact, Price/Rite usually carries Axelrod or Friendship - both brands which have no added thickeners or gums - just cream, milk, and culture.
  • It's not non-dairy for the lactose intolerant - there's whey protein concentrate and nonfat dry milk in it.
  • It's not lower in fat - in fact, a greater percentage of this slop's calories come from fat than in real sour cream.
This kind of thing makes me wonder if allowing dollar stores to have refrigerated sections is a good idea at all.


Michele said...

but the label says "Great Taste!"
I guess that they don't subscribe to the whole truth in advertising approach. This stuff should be a definite pass for me. For the most part I stay far away from the fridge section of my dollar store. Experience has taught me well.

Anonymous said...

u r in my tumbler now!!