17 October, 2008

CK Cheeze Kurls

Lately I've had this wicked jones for cheese puffs. Bachman Jax are my faves with Utz such a close second they might as well be tied, but it doesn't matter; I just want a handful of them when I get home from work to crunch on while I get supper thrown together. So I figured I'd give the massive 10-ounce bag of "Cheeze Balls" from Cheeze Kurls Inc. a try. It was only a buck at Big Lots!

I'll get right to the point: These things are utter shit. Very little flavor, other than salt - hardly any cheese, but plenty of orange dye to stain your fingers (hurr hurr hurrrr). And they tasted...well, not "stale" exactly. Something worse. Kind of stale and wet. I didn't really chew them, I sort of crushed them between my molars until enough of them had accumulated to stick to each other instead of my teeth, and then I swallowed the collected bolus.

Now, if that mental image isn't enough to dissuade you from buying these filthy orange spheres, consider this: Not even my dog would eat them. He took one from me, delicately holding it in his mouth, then put it down in the living room and rolled it around the floor with his nose. Eventually, he got bored and pushed it under the couch.

I did a little research, and couldn't come up with a website for Cheeze Kurls Inc. I did find a couple of articles that mentioned them as one of the biggest maker of private-label snacks in the country. That makes me a little suspicious of private-label snacks.



Anonymous said...

Hmmm, never had the balls, but perhaps you should try the regular cheeze kurls. They leave a nice thick layer of cheesy yellow powder on fingers and tables after snacking, so definitely better eating.

Mitch said...

I don't know about the cheese puffs but I really really really liked the cheese curls made Cheetos go to the back seat. I like crunchy and damn this was like awesomely crunchy.

bud Johntron said...

the cheeze kurls are awsome where do we get them?