29 May, 2012

Pop Tarts Wildlicious Flavors

Screen cap of Kellogg's Pop Tart ad
Pop Tarts has been heavily promoting the newest additions to their lineup, the "Wildllicious" flavors, which include Wild! Fruit Fusion, Wild! Strawberry, Wild! Berry, and Wild! Grape. Wild! Fruit Fusion seems to be sort of "fruit punch"-like flavor; the others are pretty much as advertised, with recognizable strawberry, raspberry, and grape flavors.

The "Wild!" part comes from the brilliantly colored frosting combinations with which the Pop Tarts are topped, not from any use of undomesticated fruit. And the actual flavors of the fillings aren't any more intense or concentrated than the standard, non-Wild! versions. So, if you enjoy Pop Tarts and want something a little more fun to chomp on, by all means go for it. Just don't expect any amazing surprises.

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