04 April, 2011

Archway Introduces Three New Awesome Cookies

Archway Cookies, the Official Cookie of Dave's Childhood, has introduced three additions to their delicious cookie lineup:  Shortcake, Triple Chocolate, and Peanut Butter.

Last week, the folks at Archway sent me a package of each of these new varieties and asked me if I could rate their Awesomeness Factor.  I broke out a big bottle of milk, gathered the family around the table, and passed around the Archways.

The Triple Chocolate cookies are wonderful. Soft and chewy, they have the texture of rich fudgy brownies. Each cookie is generously studded with white, dark, and milk chocolate morsels, and every bite is a satisfying rush of chocolate flavor. They're probably the best commercial chocolate cookie I've ever had.

Peanut butter lovers will really go for the Archway Peanut Butter cookies, studded with chopped peanuts and filled with peanut butter deliciousness. Like their chocolate cousins, they're rich and fudgy in texture.

Everyone and their Uncle Reese knows how great peanut butter and chocolate taste together. We made some simple sandwich cookies by spreading the flat side of an Archway Triple Chocolate cookie with some Peanut Butter & Co's White Chocolate Peanut Butter and then topping it with an Archway Peanut Butter cookies.  The kids enjoyed them carefully, lest the cookie's awesomeness cause a rift in the Snack Continuum.

There were no such snacktime shenanigans performed with the Archway Shortbread cookies, however.  They were far too excellent to fiddle with. In fact, they delivered the perfect shortbread experience: Rich, meltingly tender butter crumb with a huge finish trailing off to just the barest hint of saltiness at the end to accent and tie the flavors together.  "When life sucks," Lynnafred observed, "nothing makes it better like a couple of shortbread cookies and a hot cup of tea.  They're the perfect comfort snack. And these are the perfect shortbread cookies."

These brand-new varieties have been hitting the store shelves over the past few weeks.  If your favorite store hasn't stocked them yet, be patient - they surely will soon.  Or, you could be impatient and ask the store manager if they can get them in more quickly.


Archway Cookies website.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't tried the triple chocolate or peanut butter cookies...BUT the shortbread cookies are truly AWESOME!!!