05 August, 2010

The One Thing I Like About Summer.

Out of all the seasons, I dislike summer the most. I hate feeling hot and sticky, and that's the one thing that summer's really, really good at. During the summer, I spend more time than usual indoors, trying desperately to hide out from the hot heat outside. On the other hand, my favorite non-weather-related season happens during the summer: fresh fruit and veggie season. It turns me into some sort of "seasonal vegan"; I can happily eat nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables as long as things in the back yard are producing fruit and we can get other things from farmer's markets and local farmstands.

Fresh wild blueberries, golden cherries, small peaches, and fresh sliced cucumbers.
And lucky for me, Dave's garden is booming with fresh veggies. As long as summer's upon us, I'll be able to eat a lot of fresh foods that I really long for in the winter, when we can't grow anything at all. We also get to sourse things we can't or don't grow from local sources, like getting wild blueberries from Sussman's Blueberries in Granville, Massachusetts and fresh peaches from Johnny Appleseed's Orchard in Ellington, Connecticut. Like Dave, I prefer to get fruits and veggies fresh from local farmstands than to get them from the supermarket, where the quality is signifigantly less than a local farm or orchard, even if it costs me a little bit extra.


J. Astro said...

I'm with you, ma'am. Summer sucks. Gets all hot and muggy and there's damn insects everywhere and it makes me lethargic & cranky. I'm a winter guy, m'self. But fall will do nicely, as well.

My own seasonal food quirk is that I tend to drink a lot more milk during the winter time, whereas in summertime, it just sounds gross, kinda like Will Ferrell discovers in ANCHORMAN.

tree ocean said...

Great pic, looks yummy! About 95% humidity here at the moment...not gonna complain, I'd rather be hot than frozen!

dale said...

[quote]We also get to sourse things we can't or don't grow[/quote]
What is "sourse"?

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