26 June, 2009

Fishy Delights 23: Fragata Spanish Olives, Anchovy Stuffed

I found these little gems at Ocean State Job Lot. I like Spanish olives. I like anchovies. I figured, for a buck, maybe I'd find out if I like olives and anchovies combined.

The olives are quite good - not too salty, firm, no blemishes (sometimes job lot store olives have brown spots and other defects.) The anchovies are pretty good too. The can is definitely worth more than a dollar; the quality all around is top notch. Someone who likes anchovy-stuffed olives would really like Fragata.

As for me, I paid my buck and I found out that I really don't like olives and anchovies combined. No fault of the olives, they're just not my thing.


These olives are imported and distributed by Mario Camacho Foods.

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