17 August, 2008

Butcher's Selects?

That juicy rare steak on the label of this dogfood sure does look delicious, doesn't it? But when you open the can, all you'll find is some spongy little chunks of "meat" in a thick brown gravy. The "gravy" is kind of bland, but the "meat" tastes like really cheap beef bouillon.

It's called "Butcher's Select, " but I can't say that I'd select this stuff if I were a butcher. My dog sure loves it though.



Anonymous said...

oooh, ick Dave! I bet it's full of wheat flour, wheat gluten and cornmeal.... all those carbs are setting up your darling pup for diabetes or worse...
check out the truthaboutpetfood.com for an eye opening look at what's REALLY in that can!! and BARFworld.com will tell you to toss him a real steak!
or a raw chicken thigh - with bone!
ok, off my soapbox, sorry...
please let me say that I LOVE your stuff here... fun, and... well, more fun!

Dave said...

Most of the food my dog gets is homemade, but I occasionally buy canned food when we're traveling. The dog thinks it's a treat, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dave. I am so impressed. I try almost every item I feed to my dog, but I draw the line at canned foods. Snausages? Sure. Kibble? Why not. Brown chunks in a gelatinous gravy? No thank you. You're a braver and better dog parent than I.