19 July, 2006

Fishy Delights 5: Crown Prince Yellow-Box Sardines

Crown Prince's sardines in the yellow box (marked Sardines - Lightly Smoked - In Oil) must be Crown Prince's bottom-of-the-line junk fish. They were a disappointment from start to finish:
  • The can has a pull-tab opener. Halfway open, though, the top often freezes -it just stops opening. From there on, it's a struggle until the lid finally surrenders, popping off with a snap and spraying fishy soy oil everywhere (thankfully, both times this happened to me the oil didn't slosh anywhere. That would have been a lot worse.)
  • Are these really sardines? They're huge!! They look like the midsections cut from mackerels. They're so big there are only three in the can.
  • THEY LEAVE THE SCALES ON! Auuuggggh! Seriously, how goddamn lazy or careless does a company have to be to do this? I don't know anybody who eats fish scales. They feel disgusting in the mouth and they make me gag. It's fucking sick. Yet there are a handful of crappy sardine brands that still insist on packing their fish unscaled so you have to rake the damn things off with your fork. And Crown Prince is one of them.
Crown Price yellow-box sardines suck.

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