04 October, 2010


Check it out, I found TaB in one of the local supermarkets!  I have vague memories of my mom drinking it in the mid-to-late 1960's, but mostly what I remember about it is that it tasted like shit.  So, naturally, I bought a sixpack.  

My tastes must have changed since I was ten years old, because TaB doesn't taste so bad to me anymore.  That's not to say it actually tastes good, but it's better than Diet Coke. TaB has a better cola flavor - one that breaks through the aftertaste, unlike Diet Coke's diluted extract of ass flavoring.



Jen said...

Nice! I'm having a TaB at the moment as well. My husband and I like it a lot better than any other diet cola we've tried; they all taste diluted and almost like baking soda or something similar. Also, TaB seems to keep it's fizz for a bit longer than other sodas, much like ginger ale. Yummy!

tree ocean said...

I drank way too much tab in the late 70's. I was just talking about it the other day. Haven't noticed any about in awhile. My tab addiction ended with coffee and Dr. Pepper. (not together) oh yeah, and IPA's lol

MrsBug said...

I wonder if it's made with HFCS or sugar? Just preaching, just curious.

Dave said...

MrsBug - TaB is a diet soda, sweetened with old-school saccharine.

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, I bought a 6 pack of TaB last week as well. (FYI TaB fans, Crazy Bruce's in West Hartford ALWAYS has TaB 6 packs.)

I don't have memories of Aspartame or Saccharin, so this was sort of a new fake sweet flavor to me... And I must say, I rather hated it.

Sucralose or bust.

- Steve CTMQ