20 October, 2010

Sweet Candy Co. Orange & Raspberry Sticks

Sweet Candy Company, based in Salt Lake City UT, is one of the country's oldest family-owned candymakers.  When we saw that their Orange Sticks and Raspberry Sticks - fruit jellies covered in milk or dark chocolate - were available as a "special purchase" at ALDI, we picked up some of each of the varieties ALDI had available.

I can't even begin to tell you how gorgeous these simple jelly candies are.  The jelly is fruity and flavorful and the milk chocolate coatings are silky and rich; the dark chocolate (while a bit waxy) is of equally high quality.  No "mocolate" here.  Sweet's can give lessons to Hershey and M&M/Mars, both of whom have recently changed some of their candy bar recipes.

Anyway, the whole fam damily enjoyed these, and I'd pick 'em up again if ever I see them.  Check your local ALDI to see if they've got 'em near you.

Also:  Check out this review of  Sweet's Port Wine Gels over at Foodette Reviews if you're looking for a Sweet's candy what is more sophisticated and stuff.


Sweet Candy Company website.  They give free factory tours.


Alan said...

It's nice when the little guy wins over the big guy, sometimes. Oddly enough, what hit me most in this review was "the whole fam damily". I haven't heard that expression since I was a kid. You must be my long lost brother, raised in the same house.

Anonymous said...

LOL, i say that alot! Whole fam damily... hahaha