06 October, 2010

Frito Lay Dumps The Sun Chips Compostable Bag

Eighteen months ago, Frito Lay introduced the world's first 100% compostable snack bag, and used it to market Sun Chips.  I thought it was a good idea at the time, but mentioned how LOUD the bags were.

Well apparently, snackers around the country began complaining about the noisy bags almost immediately, and many of them have expressed their displeasure with the bags by not buying Sun Chips any more.

Faced with the drop in sales and consumer complaints, Frto Lay announced today that the compostable bags have acheived MARKETING FAIL and will be discontinued.

I hope another use can be found for the compostable material, because I like the idea of packaging not helping to top off landfills.  And I should note that the bags that we threw in our compost pile did indeed return earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.


Chrystal said...

I think they are still going to use the bags for their original sun chips, those are their 2nd best sellers after the harvest cheddar.

Anonymous said...

The bags are too noisy... WTF is wrong with people!
That style packaging should be required and if you can't get used to the noise there's always apples & bananas!

Christina said...

At least I could always tell when my kids were getting into MY chips, even when I was a couple of rooms away.

Anonymous said...

What the noise bothers people more than the landfill filling up?What is wrong with people put a few in a bowl there are ways to avoid the noise.Now i'm gonna quit buying them due to the fact it will continue to fill our landfill.Shame on you complainers u rather watch our planet earth go to hell then have alittle noise.How bizarre is that?