30 October, 2010

Minees: A Great Deal at Dollar Tree

These are Minees.  They're little cookies which come in small lunchbox-sized packages, ten packages for a dollar, in five different flavors: chocolate with chocolate creme, chocolate with banana creme, chocolate with vanilla creme, vanilla with vanilla creme, and vanilla with strawberry creme.  I get them at Dollar Tree; it's one of the Tree's regular items and they're almost always in stock.

I know what you're thinking - Dollar Tree, junky food, probably pretty bad stuff.  Sometimes, the knock-off food products at the dollar store really are nasty.  Not this time, though.  Minees are great - the cookies are fresh and crispy, the filling isn't sticky-sweet, it's just right, and the individual packs encourage limits on snacking - after all, each of the ten packages weighs in at just 1¼ ounces and carries 165 calories.  (No, it's not health food, but it ain't bad, either.)

My wife and I both brownbag it for lunch;  we work at places where it's really inconvenient to go out at noon.  When I tuck a pack of Minees into her kit, it's like handing off a little piece of sunshine, because everyone loves cookies.

Happiness for a dime.  It should be so easy all through life.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Dave but to be honest I think these cookies are disgusting. They taste like what I would imagine flavored plactic would taste like. I agree the price is right but if they stay in the cupboard after the purchase not really a good deal. My kids do not like these cookies either.

Randy G. said...

OMG! I completely disagree with the other review. These little cookies are great! Me and my friends buy them all the time. A very good snack. Just the right size, so that you don't overdo it. Also, they're only 11 grams of sugar, for an entire pack. My favorite ones, are the vanilla cookies with the strawberry creme, and the chocolate cookies with the banana creme. - Don't take my word for it (or the other person's negative review), go to a Dollar Tree and buy some. Try them for yourself! :)

Jeanette Bennett said...

If you don't like Mexican Pan Dulce, you won't like these. Minees are made in India for Indian taste and most countries think Americans get too carried away with the sugar (which we do.) These are not covered in frosting to give you a sugar high. Personally I like Minees because they are not sickening sweet.