25 October, 2010

Frankie's Original-Style Horseradish

Frankie's Original-Style Horseradish is produced by a local company, Saw Mill Site Farm in Greenfield MA.  I like to make my own horseradish because there is nothing as kickass as freshly grated homemade root. 

Trouble is, the stores around me haven't always got fresh root in stock, and so I sometimes need to buy the prepared stuff.  There are several brands I like - I really should do a comparison of them all sometime soon - but I'm always willing to try a new one, particularly when they're local.

I picked up a jar of Frankie's at Arnold's, a meat market in East Longmeadow MA.  It was very fresh; the color was creamy white and there were no strange ingredients, just horseradish root, vinegar, and salt - just like homemade.  It had a good strong nose and a nice horseradish flavor, but for my taste it was a little on the weak side.  My wife Maryanne thought it was "okay," but that's not actually saying too much - she can't take spicy heat but she can eat horseradish so strong that a teaspoon of it would make Batman cry for his mommy.

I have no complaints about the quality or freshness.  It's clear that Saw Mill Site Farm takes great care and pride in their product.  For average horseradish eaters, Frankie's is a good choice for a flavorful zip without risk of being overwhelmed.  And I would never hesitate to use it in a sauce or a salad as an ingredient.  But pass on it if you prefer your horseradish to attack your sinuses with a +20 Vorpal Sword.

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Anonymous said...

MMMMM my mom used to grow it. Sadly, i am back to hunting for it, like you, or buying jarred. I like it spicy, so if you do find some, let me know. I think i use Reese. It's okay..