18 October, 2010

No Grainers Dog Treats

Iris and Zim are currently brushing up on their Dumb Dog Trick routine, encouraged by No Grainers Dog Treats,  I found them at Stop & Shop over the weekend, and the dogs seem to love them 

Unlike the majority of dog foods and treats on the market today, No Grainers don't contain any grain fillers.  I like that, because dogs aren't cattle and don't really have any business eating a lot of corn meal (which they can't digest.)  I feed them a premium meat-based kibble made without cornmeal and their usual snacks are dehydrated poultry.  The No Grainers I bought are made primarily from pork so I thought it would be a nice change in taste. Plus, they're little bite-size things so I can use them as training incentives.  Both dogs are highly "treat motivated."

Enlarged to show detail, as they say.

As it turns out, both dogs really love No Grainers and their Natural Pork Protein.  I gave one a try just to see what the appeal was, and as usual, I've discovered that "the dogs like it" is a crappy yardstick for whether or not I'll enjoy eating something.  (Note that this index is not reciprocal.  If I can stand to eat something, no matter how vile, it's almost guaranteed that the dogs will eat it, too.)

Anyway, I ate one and it was pretty disgusting;   a little rancid-tasting, kind of livery, a little porky.  To me, not very appetizing.  Zim and Iris, however, would give it a solid thumbs-up if only they had thumbs.
The bag points out (several times) that the treats are made with real pork protein, and this is illustrated with a picture of a sad-looking pig gazing up at something.  Maybe he's looking at the big steel hooks moving along the chain track on the ceiling. Hahahaha.

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cyrell said...

Yeah maybe grains are not so good for dogs..

But dogs are not meat eaters, just like wolves are not meat eaters.

Wolves and dogs need plant material too..

Wolves get it from the intestines of their prey, dogs have to get it from other sources.

An only meat diet makes the dog miss out on different stuff they need.

In the intestines of deers and other prey of wolves, the plants are predigested and therefore digestible for the short intestines of dogs and wolves.

So when your dogs get skin problems or other health problems like contipation, fat liver, kidney stones, then change their diet.

A good diet may be more pricy, but it will spare you many dollars with the vet..

Grains are also not a food for pigs and cattle, but that does not stop humans to feed it.

Grains are bird and hamster/mice food.

Horses, humans, cattle, dogs and pigs normally ate no grains until humans started to breed grains from grass seeds.