24 October, 2010

Pierogi by Delicious Fresh Piergoi Inc.

I love pierogi - those little Polish dumplings that vaguely resemble ravioli.  Living in an area with an historically large Polish ethnic population, there are a couple of local sources for excellent handmade pierogi practically at my doorstep.  Pierogi Queen, made in Enfield CT at a local Polish deli, is famous in my hometown for having the absolute best ones, and Millie's, made in nearby Chicopee MA are a close second.

And yet, I'm still occasionally willing to take a chance on unfamiliar brands.  Recently, these were pierogi made by Delicious Fresh Pierogi Inc. from Roselle Park NJ.

Now, if you've got the stones to call yourself "Delicious Fresh Pierogi Inc." your product had better be pretty good.  And they are.  We tried two varieties, Potato & Cheese and Potato & Spinach.  Both of them were indeed delicious, though the Potato & Cheese version used cottage cheese in the filling rather than the more traditional farmer's cheese.

Delicious Piergoi Inc has a pretty wide distribution network including ShopRite, Stop & Shop/Giant, Whole Foods, Wegman's and Harris Teeter.  If you see them in one of your local stores fear not, they will not disappoint you.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

MMMMM love these, i have been tempted lately to make some, the packages are simply not large enough for my family. HMMMM

Christina said...

You know you've got the real thing when they are filled with farmer cheese. Only neophytes go for the potato filled ones...