11 October, 2010

Life Savers Gummies: Island Fruits flavors

There are two kinds of food I'll try with almost no hesitation. The first one is potato chips. There's something about the greasy little buggers that I absolutely adore. If there was ever a way to win my heart with little or no effort, potato chips would be the way to go. The second is with any kind of gummi or other fruit snack. Even more than chips, I'll do anything for a fruit snack. Whenever I notice a new kind of gummi, I'm all over it.

So when I was down in Florida and saw these Life Savers Island Fruits gummis at the local Publix, I couldn't resist. I ended up picking up a bag of these and a bag of Wonka Squishy Splooshberries gummies. I'll review the oddly named Wonka ones later.

The thing I like best about Life Savers gummies is that they're almost always universally good. I've never had a lifesavers gummi candy that I haven't liked. These were, unsurprisingly to me, no exception.

They come in four flavors: pineapple, fruit punch, strawberry kiwi, and mango melon. Mmm, delicious. The pineapple ones taste exactly like the hard fruits used to back in the day, before they discontinued them. It was nice to taste that delicious pineapple flavor again. The mango melon ones were also really delicious, with a strong mango flavor and just the slightest backdrop of canteloupe. The fruit punch ones were the fairly standard fruit punch flavor - they tasted just like red Hawaiian Punch. The most disappointing one was the one I was really looking forward to: the strawberry kiwi one, which had a completely artificial strawberry flavor and a hint of that artificial grass-like kiwi flavor.

Other than the disappointment of the strawberry kiwi gimmi, the others were all really enjoyable. I'm not sure if I'd really call them "island" fruits as much as I would "troipcal" (which mean almost the same thing in the marketing world anyway) but if I saw them again around here, I'd pick them up. They were a nice change of pace from the typical flavors that you find in every pack of gummies and fruit snacks.

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