27 October, 2010

Check Out This Other Guy's Blog

Here's some Dave Trivia:  Up until I was in my mid-20's, I had a grandaunt who lived near Pittsburgh, in Ross Township.  Every summer from the time I got my driver's license to the year she passed away, I would drive with my grandmother out to Western Pennsylvania to visit Aunt Helen.  I'd do some house repairs and chores and things for her while we were visiting, and in my free time I'd explore the area.  It's been a long time since I've been back, but I've got a lot of great memories stashed there.

So it was pretty cool when I got an email from Bryan, proprietor of Pittsburgh Eats, a relatively new blog covering Pittsburgh-area chow and assorted strange eats.  I got a big kick out of reading his review of Sir Pizza, a now-franchised pizza restaurant which was just a single Ross Township joint back in the day.  It was also only about 5 miles from my aunt's place and I used to go there at least a couple times every summer.  (It's not anything like the pizza I'm used to around here, but it's decent in its own way and at the time they were pretty cheap, too, which had its own special appeal when you're 17 and earning minimum wage.)

I look forward to checking out new Pittsburgh Eats posts.  Good luck, Bryan!


MrsBug said...

Awesome to see Sir Pizza expanding. We live in Michigan and my husband worked for Sir Pizza for a while when we first got married. I think they originated here in Lansing (I think, anyway). Hubby always said he'd worked for the family that had started it.

They have a good BBQ sauce on their pizza here - we always get that instead of the usual red sauce.

Andrew Green said...

I will be sure to try Sir Pizza if I ever happen across one....