27 August, 2010

Pasta Week, Day 4 (Thursday)

Man, am I getting sick of pasta. I'm also running out of ideas on what to use this stuff for, so bear with me as I just kind of make stuff up as I go along.
Mmm, bacon mac.

Breakfast this morning was Bacon Mac & Cheese. Penne, homemade cheese sauce, and bacon. My cheese sauce was severely lacking in flavor because I didn't have a variety of cheeses to use, I only had American.  All in all, it wasn't bad, but I think that from now on I'll stick to either Dave's cheese sauce recipe, or rip open a box of Kraft Dinner.

Lunch wasn't anything special. I had repeats of the Turkey, Bacon and Pasta from Day 3. I used penne for it again, because I thought that it fits better than angel hair does.

So, if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do with even more pasta, I'd appreciate some suggestions on what I could possibly do with it.  I'd be eternally grateful, and you'd most likely save me from eating the same pasta dishes over and over again.



Michele said...

Salads! Pasta is wonderful in a salad. I love to combine romaine, pasta, loads of fresh veg and a lemon/olive oil dressing. You could also make something sweet like a kugel. Hope you make it through your pasta challenge!

Michele Hays said...

Lynnafred, have you tried saucing & freezing it? It's not an ideal solution, but I do it for Sparky's school lunches all the time.

Jess said...

Lynnafred, here are two of our favorite easy dinners. Pad Thai is deceptively simple if you go for the jarred sauce route. It's simply a matter of sauteeing up some chicken (maybe bacon?) ;) plopping in some spaghetti, pad thai sauce, and scrambling eggs in the middle. Top that with chopped peanuts and lime juice and you're all set!

Or how about a fritatta with potato? I find that anything goes well with potato and hot sauce...

lynnafred said...

@Michele: I'd never thought of putting pasta in a regular salad. Awesome idea. My mom actually suggested pasta salad for lunch today, and I almost felt dumb for not thinking of that sooner.

@Michele Hays: I might sauce and freeze the rest of the pasta, after Day 6 if I don't use it all. Thanks!

@Jess: Pad Thai sounds... good, actually. I've never been a fan of Thai food, but if I can find a jarred sauce that sounds decent, I'll pick it up. Thanks! =D