04 August, 2010

Lynnafred's Who Let YOU Cook?! - Volume One

Welcome to the very first edition of "Who Let YOU Cook?!" - the online game show where I make up a recipe on the fly and then share the results. Winning is easy - eat my food and live. Die, or get sick, and you lose. *audience applause*

So, for the first edition, we have something presumably easy: pork loin bits pan fried with onions, red bell pepper, and zucchini.

How did I make it?: I took the pork and browned it on all sides in a pan with about a tablespoon of olive oil, then dumped in the peppers and onions. I seasoned it with some of Dave's own Pork Salt - just a touch. Stirring occasionally, and when I thought it was about ready, I added the zucchini and tossed everything around. When I figured everything was good, I turned off the heat and served.

So how was it?: This failed hard, and it's all because of human error on my part. I'd never cooked pork before, to start, so I'd figured that if I cut the three or so thickest pieces in half and they were cooked through, everything else would be. That was only semi-right. Some of the pieces were done really well; others were so dry and tough they were hard to chew. The next problem was the pork salt. It seems that "just a touch" was a touch too much, because while the pork seemed bland, the zucchini and peppers absorbed all the saltiness and made them unbearable to eat. Oh well, live and learn, eh?

Conclusion:  This is not something that I'd want again. Unfortunately, I have leftovers, so that means I'll be having it at least once more. When I heat it up, I'll have rice with it or something to cut down the vast amount of salt.

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Dave said...

Hey, Lynn ... try adding taters if the dish will stand it. Potatoes absorb salt most well. If the dish won't stand the addition of potato you can still sacrifice a spud and fish it back out before serving.