31 August, 2010

Greedy Bastards at Price Chopper

So, I'm at Price Chopper the other day, doing some grocery shopping, and I pay at the register the same way I always do, with my debit card.  The cashier asked me if I wanted any "cash back," and I said "Sure, twenty dollars," figuring that it would save me a stop at the ATM on the way home.

"Okay," she says, "There's going to be a one-dollar fee."


"If you want cash back, it's a one-dollar fee."

"Never mind, then.  No cash back," I replied.

Seriously, Price Chopper, WTF?  No other supermarket in this area - not a single one - charges a fee to get cash back from a debit card transaction.  And there isn't any reason to do so, either.  When you get cash back on an ATM transaction, all you're doing is giving the store more money than required for your purchase and they are giving you the change.  There isn't any additional fee imposed on the store.  Are these assholes going to start charging a fee if you pay for $22 worth of groceries with at fifty-dollar bill?

Piss off, P-Chops.  I've got at least ten other supermarkets and groceries within a seven-minute drive of my house.  You've just managed to bump yourself several notches down on my preferred stores list.


Andrew Green said...

The other supermarkets may not charge a fee NOW, but wait until they start noticing that PC gets away with it....

Dave said...

I'm hoping that there is enough competition in the area to keep that from happening. This is just such a transparent money grab that it really irritates me.

I sent an email to Price Chopper today expressing my displeasure. If they answer me, I'll post an update.

jen cheung said...

i never knew that too!! I never done cash backs before... because i never knew if they charge or not.

do walmart charge tooo???

Have a fabulous week!!
jen @ www.passion4food.ca