26 August, 2010

Pasta Week, Days 2 & 3 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

What's better than a breakfast made of pasta?
Tuesday was kind of an unadventurous pasta day. In fact, it wasn't even really a pasta day at all.

When I finally decided to get up on Tuesday morning, I wasn't feeling all that adventurous or hungry, so I had a few fistfuls of cold pasta that morning for a makeshift breakfast instead. For lunch later on in the day, I still wasn't really feeling all too hot, so I decided to have the rest of that awesome sauce from the night before with even more pasta. So, nothing really special was done.

I told myself I had to make up for it on Wednesday, and when I woke up this morning, I had an idea of some cool things I could make with each of them that would probably still be tasty while I experimented in the kitchen.

I ended up starting today off with a bang because I decided to play a quick game of "Who Let You Cook" with my breakfast. Taking a lump of angel hair, two eggs, peas, and some salt and pepper, I stir fried the pasta in a little bit of butter, added the peas, and then added the eggs - scrambled style - to the entire mix and waited for the eggs to set. I didn't season it with anything other than salt and pepper, but in retrospect, putting some five spice powder in it probably would have been a good idea. And while I'll admit that it's not really all that pretty to look at, it tasted pretty good. This was actually a pretty versatile one-pan wonder that would've been pretty good if I'd added some chicken or something to it, too. If I'm ever so inclined, I might make it again.

Later on that day, for dinner, Dave and I made a repeat of something I've made before: take a simple white sauce and season it to compliment bacon and turkey, and pour it over some sort of noodle. In this case, we had penne. It was kind of like a "Turkey peas on Toast" thing, but better. Because it had bacon in it.

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